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Home Inspector Brad Skyberg

Brad Skyberg—Licensed Home Inspector

Brad Skyberg is the owner and inspector of Brad’s Home Inspection & Testing Services. No one should have to learn to love a home that they’re not fully satisfied with, because under those circumstances, there will always be buyer’s remorse. Brad works hard to help his clients avoid that undesirable scenario, providing an honest and accurate assessment of a home that will highlight both the flaws and the strengths in the property’s construction.

With a complete understanding of all that a prospective investment will entail in its current condition, you’ll be able to better protect your interests—ensuring that you love your home from the first day you move in and for every day thereafter.

Brad's Home Inspection

A Home Inspector With Over 27 Years of Construction Experience

Prior to becoming a home inspector, Brad spent 27 years in the construction industry, gaining the experience and insights that have allowed him to provide the most knowledgeable inspection services in the region. Brad started as a construction technician for both residential and commercial projects, eventually climbing his way up to estimating work and project management.

Brad’s attention to detail has stood out to anyone who has ever worked with him or contracted his services, and inspecting homes is no exception—because every detail bears significance to a home’s overall condition. You can count on Brad to provide a timely, thorough, and accurate inspection report that will help to shape your own knowledge of a home so that you can make informed and confident decisions moving forward.

Treating Our Clients With Respect, Treating Every Home as if It Were Our Own

  • We dedicate ourselves to facilitating a safer and ultimately more satisfying home purchase for our clients, empowering home-buyers with unbiased knowledge about a home’s condition so that they don’t walk into an investment they’re not ready for
  • Brad loves to guide his clients through everything they can expect from the home as is, and he’ll even invite you for a walkthrough of the home on the day of the inspection so that he can help you understand each inspection finding in person
  • Sometimes questions don’t come to mind until long after an inspection is over, and that’s okay—Brad will always be available by phone so that you can get in touch with him to have your questions heard, addressed, and answered
Brad Skyberg Home Inspector & Testing Services

When he’s not inspecting homes, Brad loves to spend time with his family—especially when they’re able to enjoy the outdoors together camping, kayaking, biking, and traveling. Brad is passionate about working on motorcycles and cars, and lately, he’s been showing his son the ropes in order to teach him about the importance of proper care and maintenance. Brad also loves to cook for friends and family.

Brad also enjoys spending time in the community, supporting the Jacks & Bobcats, Volunteering for SD ABATE, Presenting in Driver’s Ed classrooms, and having served 2 terms on the Brookings United Way Board.

Comprehensive Home Inspections

At Brad’s Home Inspection & Testing Services, we offer a comprehensive home inspections that takes notice of every visible detail in a home’s construction, ensuring that you receive all of the information you need in order to make an informed buying decision. Contact us today to request an inspection.